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Entry #1

The Finnal Battle

2007-07-20 05:49:54 by grizlybro

Imagine yourself in the middle of a battle were both sides will show no mercy toward the other. On one side there's a lone wolf swords man, on the other is the ultimate bad guy wielding a sword that could cut you down before you even knew it was coming!

Now, in the heat of this battle all you can do is sit back and pray that the good guy wins.

But, what if he doesn't...


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2007-08-28 02:57:59

hope it's good bro, can't wait. say have you happened to run into any good sephiroth or other ff7 sprites?

(Updated ) grizlybro responds:

Sorry for the late respond but, I've been very busy with... Personal matters, which is why the final battle isn't out yet. It will be soon I promise, The Newgrounds community is counting on me!
As for the sprites I get most of my sprite from
If there are none there than I'd say, Google it!