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2009-02-27 23:29:07 by grizlybro

I will be making the Flobots video after all! I've started on the filming and as I write this am working on some animation. You shall all see the power of my animating skills!

I'ts been over a year since my last submission and I promise I will not release crap like before.

Down with the old works! RISE OF THE FLOBOTS!!!



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2009-03-13 22:06:36

excellent,kamerad :D


2009-05-25 03:30:24

Are you ever gonna finish that game from the earlier posts? =P Just wondering how far along it's coming it looked like it was gonna be fun.

grizlybro responds:

Some day I will finish it but, for now I'm gonna stick to animating instead of coding. =3 if you want to code for me I could get it done faster lolz!