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Tek's little game!

2008-07-07 06:16:58 by grizlybro

UPDATE: Didn't meet the deadline but the game is looking allot nicer then I thought it would! I got together with a couple kids in this class I'm taking and we're working on some great Ideas for this game!
New screen soon.

UPDATE: The hard part of the code is done!!! Now I just have to finish some animating, little bits of code, and some more levels!!! Looks like I might make this deadline. *knocks on wood*
I'm finally working on a Game!!! For real this time!!!
After a long time working with action script I think I finally have enough skill to make a game but, not just any game (anyone can make a simple game) no I've wanted to make a high speed game for a long while now and finally I can.

It's based around a little robot who escapes the factory he was created in just so he can see the world he was missing out on, but soon he realizes he wasn't like all the other robots around him. Everyone from the factory workers to mad scientist are trying to get there hands on Tek and the device he was created to protect...

That's the main theme right there but it's going to be a long time before it's finished I still have allot of coding and animating to do but, my goal is to have it finished before I go back to school. I will meet this deadline it wont be like the ones I've set in the past!

I'm designing it like a Sonic game but with some fun little changes. =3

Tell me what you think I would love your opinion!!

Tek's little game!


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